DeepDiff 7.0.1 documentation!


👋 Hi there,

Thank you for using DeepDiff! If you find a bug, please create a ticket on our GitHub repo

I am available for consulting if you need immediate help or custom implementations of DeepDiff. You can reach me by emailing hello at this domain.

I love working on DeepDiff and other open-source projects. These projects will stay free and open source forever. If my work has been helpful to you, I would appreciate any sponsorship.

Please click here for sponsorship information.

Lastly, you might be interested in another tool I’ve crafted: ⚡ Qluster.
As an engineer, I understand the frustration of wrestling with unruly data in pipelines.
I developed Qluster to empower product managers and ops teams to control and resolve data issues autonomously and stop bugging the engineers! 🛠️

If you are going through this pain now, I would love to give you early access to Qluster and get your feedback.

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