DeepDiff 7.0.1 documentation!


The DeepDiff library includes the following modules:

  • DeepDiff For Deep Difference of 2 objects. DeepDiff

    It return the deep Difference of python objects. It can also be used to take the distance between objects. Deep Distance

  • DeepSearch Search for objects within other objects. DeepSearch

  • DeepHash Hash any object based on their content even if they are not “hashable” in Python’s eyes. DeepHash

  • Delta Delta of objects that can be applied to other objects. Imagine git commits but for structured data. Delta

  • Extract For extracting a path from an object Extract

  • Commandline Most of the above functionality is also available via the commandline module Command Line

What Is New

DeepDiff 7-0-0

  • DeepDiff 7 comes with an improved delta object. Delta to flat dictionaries have undergone a major change. We have also introduced Delta serialize to flat rows.

  • Subtracting delta objects have dramatically improved at the cost of holding more metadata about the original objects.

  • When verbose=2, and the “path” of an item has changed in a report between t1 and t2, we include it as new_path.

  • path(use_t2=True) returns the correct path to t2 in any reported change in the `tree view <>`__

  • Python 3.7 support is dropped and Python 3.12 is officially supported.

DeepDiff 6-7-1

  • Support for subtracting delta objects when iterable_compare_func is used.

  • Better handling of force adding a delta to an object.

  • Fix for `Can't compare dicts with both single and double quotes in keys <>`__

  • Updated docs for Inconsistent Behavior with math_epsilon and ignore_order = True

DeepDiff 6-7-0

  • Delta can be subtracted from other objects now.

  • verify_symmetry is deprecated. Use bidirectional instead.

  • Always Include Values flag in Delta can be enabled to include values in the delta for every change.

  • Fix for Delta.__add__ breaks with esoteric dict keys.

  • Delta Load From Flat Dictionaries can be used to load a delta from the list of flat dictionaries.

DeepDiff 6-6-1

DeepDiff 6-6-0


Tutorials can be found on Zepworks blog


Install from PyPi:

pip install deepdiff

If you want to use DeepDiff from commandline:

pip install "deepdiff[cli]"

If you want to improve the performance of DeepDiff with certain processes such as json serialization:

pip install "deepdiff[optimize]"

Read about DeepDiff optimizations at Optimizations

>>> from deepdiff import DeepDiff  # For Deep Difference of 2 objects
>>> from deepdiff import grep, DeepSearch  # For finding if item exists in an object
>>> from deepdiff import DeepHash  # For hashing objects based on their contents
>>> from deepdiff import Delta  # For creating delta of objects that can be applied later to other objects.
>>> from deepdiff import extract  # For extracting a path from an object


if you want to use DeepDiff via commandline, make sure to run:: pip install “deepdiff[cli]”

Then you can access the commands via:

  • DeepDiff

$ deep diff --help
  • Delta

$ deep patch --help
  • grep

$ deep grep --help
  • extract

$ deep extract --help

int, string, unicode, dictionary, list, tuple, set, frozenset, OrderedDict, NamedTuple, Numpy, custom objects and more!


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