DeepDiff 5.0.1 documentation!


DeepDiff Core Developer:

And many thanks to the following people for their contributions to DeepDiff!

  • Victor Hahn Castell for major contributions
  • nfvs for Travis-CI setup script.

  • brbsix for initial Py3 porting.

  • WangFenjin for Unicode support.

  • timoilya for comparing list of sets when ignoring order.

  • Bernhard10 for significant digits comparison.

  • b-jazz for PEP257 cleanup, Standardize on full names, fixing line endings.

  • finnhughes for fixing __slots__

  • moloney for Unicode vs. Bytes default

  • serv-inc for adding help(deepdiff)

  • movermeyer for updating docs

  • maxrothman for search in inherited class attributes

  • maxrothman for search for types/objects

  • MartyHub for exclude regex paths

  • sreecodeslayer for DeepSearch match_string

  • Brian Maissy (brianmaissy) for weakref fix, enum tests

  • Bartosz Borowik (boba-2) for Exclude types fix when ignoring order

  • Brian Maissy (brianmaissy) for fixing classes which inherit from classes with slots didn’t have all of their slots compared

  • Juan Soler (Soleronline) for adding ignore_type_number

  • mthaddon for adding timedelta diffing support

  • Necrophagos for Hashing of the number 1 vs. True

  • Hugo (hugovk) for fixes for Python 3.10 and dropping support for EOL Python 3.4

  • Andrey Gavrilin (gaal-dev) for hashing classes.

  • gaal-dev for adding exclude_obj_callback

  • Ivan Piskunov (van-ess0) for deprecation warning enhancement.

  • Nathaniel Brown (nathanielobrown) Adds support for datetime.time

  • Michał Karaś (MKaras93) for the pretty view

  • Christian Kothe (chkothe) for the basic support for diffing numpy arrays

  • Timothy (timson) for truncate_datetime

  • d0b3rm4n for bugfix to not apply format to non numbers.

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