Faster, cheaper, and better: A story of breaking a monolith

micro-services elasticsearch search scale
Intro If you don’t know about Fair, we are a vehicle subscription app. So when it came to naming the monolith that was dealing with vehicles, it was a no-brainer to call it vehicle-service. As the team grew, soon the on-boarding, testing, and development became slow and painful. We needed to release search updates independently and changes were frequent. But we could only move as fast as the slowest gear, the monolith itself.
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You AutoComplete Me

python graph autocomplete search
Part 1: Into Auto Complete: Summary Back in 2018, I was given the task to improve our autocomplete experience. We already had an Autocomplete backend solution using Elasticsearch, but what we needed was something that was faster, more customizable which could handle complex queries such as red bmw x5 in napa 2019. This is the story of how I approached it, what I learnt, and the final product that it came to be, using a pure Python solution!
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