Harness the power of Python magic methods and lazy objects.

This is based on a talk I gave at SoCal Python meetup. The PDF of this talk is available here. All the code is run in Python 3.5 but it works with Python 2 too. Overview When it comes to performance, lazy loading can help a lot. I remember when I first started using Django and Django’s lazy queries were magic to me. In this article I will try to dimistify lazy objects in Python, mainly focusing on lazy loading aspect but not lazy writing.
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RedisWorks, the Pythonic Redis Client.

As a person who loves dynamic typing, I have always been frustrated with Py-Redis. It is a great library, but it is too low level. It maps the actual Redis commands directly. I always wanted to just say the.path = "something" and have it magically saved into Redis. Then somewhere else say print(the.path) and get the value from Redis. As simple as that! And here it is: RedisWorks Install pip install redisworks
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