Magic Method, on the wall, who, now, is the __fairest__ one of all?

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Update May 22: Here is the video of the talk: The Proposal This was my talk proposal for Pycon 2017 which got accepted. The proposal is slightly modified to match the final talk better. For example originally I was going to talk about writing a Redis Client too but I ended up removing that from the final talk. I will be giving this talk tomorrow on Saturday May 20th!
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Diff It To Digg It

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The Talk Here is the actual talk! I gave a talk at Pycon 2016 about how DeepDiff does what it does. The proposal This is my Python talk proposal for 2016. It is about how my DeepDiff does what it does. I will be presenting this talk on June 1st at Pycon. Edit (June 2016): read more about how the presentation went at Pycon presentation after thoughts
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