DeepDiff 5.8.2 documentation!

DeepDiff Overview

The DeepDiff library includes the following modules:

  • DeepDiff For Deep Difference of 2 objects. DeepDiff

    It return the deep Difference of python objects. It can also be used to take the distance between objects. Deep Distance

  • DeepSearch Search for objects within other objects. DeepSearch

  • DeepHash Hash any object based on their content even if they are not “hashable” in Python’s eyes. DeepHash

  • Delta Delta of objects that can be applied to other objects. Imagine git commits but for structured data. Delta

  • Extract For extracting a path from an object Extract

  • Commandline Most of the above functionality is also available via the commandline module Command Line

What is New

DeepDiff 5-8-2

Fixing dependency for Py3.6

New In DeepDiff 5-8-1

DeepDiff 5-8-1 includes bug fixes: - Fixed test suite for 32bit systems ( by Louis-Philippe Véronneau - Fixed the issue when using ignore_order=True and group_by simultaneously - Added the support for diffing object properties (@property) ( - Better support of diffing private variables

New In DeepDiff 5-8-0

DeepDiff 5-8-0 includes bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed the bug with delta randomly not producing the same results when ignore_order=True

  • Display detailed pretty when verbose

  • Allow ordered-set version 4.1.x

  • Removing extra logging when key is not found in DeepHash

  • Fixed error when comparing non-utf8 byte strings with ignore_order=True

  • Fixed Tests fail after 2022-05-14

  • Fixed TypeError is thrown when comparing bool and str


Tutorials can be found on Zepworks blog


Install from PyPi:

pip install deepdiff

If you want to use DeepDiff from commandline:

pip install "deepdiff[cli]"

Read about DeepDiff optimizations at Optimizations

>>> from deepdiff import DeepDiff  # For Deep Difference of 2 objects
>>> from deepdiff import grep, DeepSearch  # For finding if item exists in an object
>>> from deepdiff import DeepHash  # For hashing objects based on their contents
>>> from deepdiff import Delta  # For creating delta of objects that can be applied later to other objects.
>>> from deepdiff import extract  # For extracting a path from an object
Note: if you want to use DeepDiff via commandline, make sure to run::

pip install “deepdiff[cli]”

Then you can access the commands via:

  • DeepDiff

$ deep diff --help
  • Delta

$ deep patch --help
  • grep

$ deep grep --help
  • extract

$ deep extract --help

int, string, unicode, dictionary, list, tuple, set, frozenset, OrderedDict, NamedTuple, Numpy, custom objects and more!


Pycon 2016 Talk A talk was given about the basics of how DeepDiff does what it does at Pycon 2016. Diff it to Dig it Pycon 2016 video

You can find more information about the contents of that Pycon talk here:


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